Institute Policies

By enrolling in a Suhaila International / Salimpour School / Suhaila Salimpour Institute of Online Education course, you agree to the following terms regarding payments, withdrawals, and transfers.

Payment Policy

Enrollment course fees/tuition payments are due in full by the ‘balance due’ dates provided at payment.

Enrollment course fees/tuition payments are due in full before the student may participate in or be given access to the course.

If enrollment course fees/tuition payments are not paid in full by the balance due date, participants will be automatically removed from the course. The student will be automatically enrolled in the next course minus $500.

Enrollment course fees/tuition payments are non-refundable. This includes but is not limited to situations involving personal schedule conflicts, illness, or dissatisfaction with the course

Online courses have limits for the maximum number of learners. Registration is guaranteed only to those learners who pay the amounts by the designated published deadlines.

A $100.00 fee applies to all returned checks.

Note: Learners using the provided payment installment plans at are in compliance with the Payment Policies provided payments are up-to-date without default or delay as outlined by the particular payment plan installment schedule,

Withdrawal Policy

All withdrawal requests must be in writing.

Students may withdraw from the course within seven days of the beginning of the course. In such cases, the student does not get a refund. Their payments will be transferred and applied toward another course within the year for minus a $300 transfer fee.

Students who withdraw from a course after the first seven days, for any reason, will forfeit all payments made for that course.

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Rachel Duff in a Suhaila Dance Company photoshoot, 2011. Photo by Pixie Vision.

Payment Transfer Policy

All transfer requests must be in writing. A transfer request must be officially approved in writing by the School Director for the transfer to be valid.

Enrollment/online course fees/tuition payments can be transferred to another online course, one time only, for a $100 transfer fee; this applies to both medical and non-medical related transfers.

A request for a non-medical related transfer must be made at least three months (at least 91 days) before Day 1 of the online course. The request should be submitted by email to Transfer of payment will only be completed if the Director approves the request.

A request for a medical related transfer must be made on or by Day 1 of the online course. Suhaila’s staff must receive an up-to-date doctor’s note regarding the medical emergency/ medical issue that prevents the student from participating in the course. Transfer of payment will only be completed once Suhaila Staff has received the doctor’s note at

An approved transferred payment can only be applied to the same number/level online course held within one year from the first date of the initial course.

Online course payments/tuition may not be transferred from one person to another. Student’s cannot “sell” their spot in the course.

Homework Policy

Preparation Courses:  The online testing preparation courses were designed to prepare students for the online certification exams.  Preparation courses give students an opportunity to receive feedback that will help them improve as dancers and work towards certification. If coursework is turned in late, the submitted material will not be reviewed and the student will miss out on receiving feedback for that assignment, which may prevent the student from receiving approval to enroll in the exam course. Assignments may take 10-20 hours each week to complete.

Exam Courses.  Students who are enrolled in the online exam courses are expected to submit all assignments on time. If an assignment is turned in late, the student will not receive credit for that assignment. No refunds will be offered for failed exam courses that were the result of assignments being submitted late. Assignments may take 10-20 hours each week to complete.

Pre-Course/Pre-Test Homework.  Specific testing preparation courses require that choreography video (often with related assignments such as mapping or gridwork) be submitted for evaluation and approval (“sign-off”) prior to the official start date of the course. During the course, students will typically have one additional opportunity to submit a choreography for approval as a mandatory pre-testing requirement.  The courses are paced evenly and strategically to guide the student through the material.  Late choreography and technique assignments may not be graded or evaluated, which may affect (and even prohibit) a student’s ability to test in the next available exam.  (With permission, students might have the option to take private lessons for an additional fee.  In other cases, they may be required to retake the testing preparation course before taking the exam.)

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Exam Fees Policy

  • Online Course Exam Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Performance Course Exam Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Certification Exam testing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.