About the Exam Process

Salimpour School exams have multiple parts.  Depending on the certification level, students are tested with practical, written, choreography, and performance exams.  You are ready to test when you know the concepts. If you are in doubt, ask Suhaila or one or her authorized instructors; their goal is to keep you continually moving forward in your dance studies. If for some reason they feel you are not ready, they will provide you specific information on what you need to learn or improve to test. More information is provided below. You must register in advance for an exam. Contact our office at certification@suhailainternational.org for more information.  Note that existing certification is required to test in the 200+ levels.
  • Students must have approval to register, pay for, and take the exam.
  • 100: Practical Exams for Fundamentals (101 & 102) are due 4 weeks after the last posted assignment of the course. Students receive their written exams after they have passed the practical portion of the exam.
  • 200-300: Final exams for Foundations and Intermediate (200-300) will be held for one month beginning on the last day of the course.

Fundamentals 1 and 2 Exams

In-Person and Online Options

Fundamentals 1 and 2 exams are comprised of two sections:  practical technique and online written.  The practical exam is given in in-person workshops in-person class series, and online.  Written exams are all given online.  Learn more in the 100 Level chapter of the SSIOE General Information booklet.

Performance Exams

Foundations 1 and 2 • Intermediate 1 and 2

Foundations and Intermediate exams (the 200 and 300 Level exams) are comprised of two parts:  Choreography Approval and Final Exam.  Each portion is handled online to accommodate distance learners.  Learn more in the SSIOE Certification & Curriculum Overview booklet.  Focus on chapters:  General200 Level, and 300 Level.

Foundations and Intermediate Exams

Advanced Technique & Choreography Showcase • Personal Recital
Two performance exams are part of the 400 Level.   Learn more in the 400 Chapter of the SSIOE Certification & Curriculum Overview booklet.
  • Practical.  The technique exam is given as part of the Performance  (S400d) course.  The course focuses on testing technique and preparing for the Choreography Showcase (gauntlet) performance exam.
  • Choreography.  Choreography evaluation for approval (“sign-off”) is included as part of the S400d course.
  • Improvisation.  Performance Catalog Highlight Set evaluation for approval (“sign-off”) is included in the S400 and R400 courses. Students must submit video showing their best solo improvisation work during the applicable course.
  • Choreography Showcase Performance Exam.  The exam is held, with approval, following successful completion S400.
  • Personal Recital Performance Exam.  The exam is held, with approval, following successful completion R400.
  • Video recordings of performance exams are the intellectual property of Suhaila Salimpour, and are subject to licensing as stated in the Terms of Use. Video recordings cannot be posted anywhere online without express permission.

Teaching Exam

The 500 level Teaching exam is primarily project based and included as part of the T500b online courses.