Core Dimension™

Movement seminars to liberate your authentic self, own your own power, and live without fear.

In the modern world, we are facing a crisis of self. Many of us feel overworked, under appreciated, and lost in mindless routines of work. We feel numb and detached from ourselves, families, and communities. We’ve lost touch with what makes us truly powerful. 

Core Dimension™ is a collection of multidimensional workshops and seminars crafted to reconnect you with your essential and dynamic spirit. You’ll move, feel, speak, and discover your true nature and reveal your core values.

Dancer, choreographer, and master coach Suhaila Salimpour has guided thousands through this life changing practice. Using energy, psychology, and a diverse range of movement practices, participants find more power in their work and lives. They learn to act without judgment or shame, harnessing the potential of vulnerability. 

Although Core Dimension™ has been created by a dancer, anyone can benefit.

Suhaila’s exercises allow you to be in the moment and spark the energy you have inside yourself, even if you feel you might have lost touch with it along the way.  With this newfound awareness, you’ll take this awakened electricity into your daily life.

“Core Dimension is something I have been developing throughout my life.  It’s the culmination of all the methodologies and practices I developed for myself to interpret and realize full movement, to heal and breathe, to manifest my intentions, and project my emotions.  To interpret the incredible music I was hearing as a dancer, I had to figure out how to internalize the movement to represent the musical layers.  To heal from loss and trauma, I learned to find my center and hold strong to my core values.  To go night after night onto a stage, I learned how to be present and have purpose in each moment.  I began using these tools with my students and clients, using movement as a means to explore and grow.  It became clear that what I had developed for myself was an in depth practice that had value in all aspects of my life and those of my students.  This work is at the core of everything I do from dance to teaching to personal relationships.”

Core Dimension™ Seminars

Below is a sample of Core Dimension™ seminars.  To have a seminar created specifically for your group or to meet your time requirements, contact Suhaila to learn more.

Project Your Voice

2-3 hours

We explore using breath and voice as tools to open our creative voice, both literally and figuratively. We’ll unlock our physical selves, integrate the mind and body, and connect with the rich emotional life that we all carry within us. Using that energy, we’ll develop and experiment with movement to project our intentions and expressions.  

The Basics of Breath Control for Speaking and Teaching

2 hours

Whether you’re a public speaker, teacher, CEO, or just need to develop your vocal stamina, you’ll learn to use your diaphragm, find your ideal vocal range, and develop a strong and powerful voice for all occasions.

Tell Your Story: Exploring Expressive Movement

2 hours

A key element of Suhaila’s choreographies is storytelling through expressive movement. Each breath, look, or gesture has the potential to contribute significantly to your message.  We’ll explore your stories through physicalization, as we exchange words for movement to learn powerful tools for self expression in various scenarios.

Internalize to Amplify

2-4 hours

Suhaila had the formative experience of studying with Sanford Meisner, a legendary acting coach. She learned that one of our greatest strengths is personal emotional intent which informs both the movements you choose and how you do them. But it can be tricky to understand how others perceive your intentions. We’ll find our honest emotions through non-verbal communication and explore how our audiences might interpret our actions.

The Foot-Floor Connection

2 hours

A strong, supple foot-floor relationship is essential not just for dancers, but for everyone. We’ll explore this essential connection, using techniques from dance and other movement traditions. You’ll discover a strong sense of balance and center you can take with you into any situation.