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January 10, 2024/

A History of Middle Eastern Music Genres of Music and the Ensembles that Perform Them The “Great Four” of Arabic…

Spins Family

January 9, 2024/

Spins Family Introduction Three-Step Turn Open Spin 4/4 Spin 2/4 Spin Diagonal 2/4 Spin Centrifugal Spin  Out-Up-Out-Down Spin In-Out Spin…

Debke Family

January 9, 2024/

Debke Family Introduction Basic Debke 1 Basic Debke 2 Basic Debke 3 Basic Debke 4 Basic Debke 5 Return to…

Basic Egyptian Family

January 9, 2024/

Introduction to the Basic Egyptian Family Basic Egyptian Basic Egyptian Backwalk Basic Egyptian Walk with Pivot Basic Egyptian Walk with…

Shimmy Family 

January 8, 2024/

Introduction to the Shimmy Family Singles on the Up Halftime Singles on the Up Fulltime Choo Choo Shimmy Spin Stomp…

Salaam Family

January 8, 2024/

Salaam Family Introduction Greeting Step Salaam Step Brush Step Bounce Step 
Salaam Step in a Circle Horse Step Return to…

Persian Family

January 8, 2024/

Persian Family Introduction Persian 1 Persian 2 Persian 3 Persian 4 Persian 5 Persian 6 Return to Vocabulary Overview Persian…

Khaleegi Family

January 5, 2024/

Khaleegy Family Introduction Khaleegi 1 Khaleegi 2 Khaleegi 3 Khaleegi 4 Khaleegi 5 Return to Vocabulary Overview Khaleegy Family Introduction…

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