400 Level: Performance and Advanced Technique


Salimpour Performance represents the most advanced performance skills and technical training in belly dance.  Students develop their performance skills as they prepare for two performance exams.  

While working towards Performance Certification is demanding, it is achievable for any dancer.  The School is committed to inclusivity and helping you reach your goals.  Students are mentored one-on-one during Performance testing preparation, and the recital process is personalized and crafted for each individual. 

With School approval, modifications and options are available to address physical limitations, injury, illness, etc.  Limitations are not obstacles; they are opportunities for you to realize your potential and for the student body and School to learn and grow.   Contact the Certification Coordinator for more information.

BEGINNING FALL 2023.  The Performance, or 400 level, of the Suhaila Institute offers three courses, two performance exams, and two certifications.

  • S400d 12-week course.
  • R400d 12-week course.
  • T408b 12-week course.

Learn more about the curriculum for each course here.

Performance and Advanced Technique

S400d:  Performance and Advanced Technique  Course with Testing + Choreography Showcase Exam (following S400d course)

R400d:  Performance Recital Course + Personal Recital Exam (following R400d course).  Prerequisites:  Intermediate 1 and 2 Certification.  P305b and P306b Performance 1 and 2 Preparation Courses.

Teaching Prep

Teaching Foundations in Preparation for the 500-Level

  • T408b:  Teaching Assistant Foundations Course
  • Prerequisites:  T308b TA Fundamentals Course.  Intermediate 1 and 2 certification.


The Teaching Assistant Foundations (T408b) online course includes assignments and evaluations of warmups, movement breakdowns, combinations, explanations, classroom management, and move.  Students must have Foundations 1 and 2 (S2 and J2) certification to enroll plus have successfully completed T308b.  The T308b and T408b courses prepare students for the 500 levels.